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Procedures help/tell us to do a task or make something. They can be a set of instructions or directions e.g. step by step method to germinate seeds. The text below is an example of a procedure. The labels show the structure and language features of procedure text.
Procedures begin by outlining an aim or goal.
Sometimes there is a list of the materials and equipment needed.
The steps are then listed in order.
Writing procedures
When writing procedures you should:
• use present tense e.g. spray
• include technical terms when you need to e.g. friable
• use words that tell the reader how, when and where to perform the task e.g. fill, firmly.
Teks procedure adalah teks yang menyampaikan tentang tata cara melakukan sesuatu. Cara penulisannya pada umumnya dalam bentuk poin per poin.
Struktur dari teks procedure, yaitu:
1. Tujuan kegiatan
2. Bahan-bahan
3. Langkah-langkah

Example of procedure
How to Make Orange Tea
Ingredients: 1 orange, sweet tea, soda drink (use uncoloured soda), and ice.
Utensils: Jug, knife, spoon, and drinking glass.
1. Cut the orange into circle shapes, try to cut it thinly.
2. Put the cut orange and ice into jug.
3. Pour the soda drink into the jug.
4. Add the already prepared sweet tea.
5. Stir the ingredients in the jug well.
6. After pouring the orange tea in a glass, you can decorate the brim of the glass with left over orange pieces.

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